We have put together a list of resources to help you
prepare for your Sweet 15 party.

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Quinceanera Damas Dresses

Once you have purchased your Quince dress, it's time to look for your damas' dresses! When shopping for your dresses we recommend taking along your dama de honor if you have chosen one and if not, only bring one or two damas who can be unbiased. This will greatly reduce the drama of having 7- 14 damas in one dress shop!

Bring along a photo of your dress and a fabric swatch to make sure the dama dresses compliment your dress in both style and color. You want your damas to feel beautiful in their dresses but not to outshine you so concentrate on choosing something simple yet elegant and universally flattering.

One way to make everyone's happy and comfortable is to choose from a line of dresses that sells the same dress length and fabric in different colors and necklines. This will allow each dama to choose the neckline that flatters them most but everyone will still match as a group.
David's Bridal is a popular retailer that has many dama dresses and bridesmaids dresses to choose from. Here are a few of our favorites!