We have put together a list of resources to help you
prepare for your Sweet 15 party.

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Quinceanera Receptions

Once the ceremony is over it's time to celebrate! The Quinceanera reception includes many traditions that signify your transition from child to woman. Here is a sample reception order of events that incorporates many of those fun and meaningful traditions!

Arrival of the Guests

While you and your court are off taking photos, your guests will begin arriving at the reception venue. This is a great time to serve light appetizers and beverages because once you arrive there will be lots of ceremonies before dinner is served and you don't want your guests to be famished!

Introduction of the Court de Honor

The DJ or band will play your song of choice as they introduce each couple in your court as well as your parents and padrinos.

Presentation of the Quinceanera

This is your grand entrance! As your song plays, you'll enter on the arm of your chambelon de honor who will escort you to a throne like chair awaiting you on the dance floor.

Crowning of the Quinceanera

Once seated your crowning ceremony will begin. Traditionally your Mother will be the person crowning you but if you'd like to choose someone else special to you that would be acceptable as well. That person will place the tiara, blessed by the priest during the ceremony, on your head to represent that you are a Princess of God.

Presentation of the Last Doll

Your Last Doll is something else that would have been presented and blessed during the ceremony. Once it has been gifted to you, it is acceptable to take the doll and gift it to a younger sibling or cousin to symbolize your passage into womanhood.

Changing of the Shoes

Once you've returned to your seat, your Father will present you with high heels that match your beautiful Quinceanera gown. He will kneel and change your flat shoes to the heels to once again signify your maturity.

Father-Daughter & Court Waltz

Once your Father has changed your shoes, he will escort you onto the dance floor and you will share your first dance as a woman with him. You and he should choose a song that is special and represents your relationship. You should practice with a choreographer for months before so this dance is perfect. Toward the end of the song your chambelon de honor will approach and ask for permission to dance with you. Your father will pass you off to your escort. Once the song is over your court will join you on the dance floor to perform your choreographed court waltz.

Dinner is Served!


During dinner or possibly in between courses is a great time to squeeze in toasts! Your parents, god parents and others close to you will all take a moment to thank your guests and say something special to you. This is also a big moment for you- it's time to give your first speech as a woman!


Now is the time to party and dance with everyone who has joined you for this special day!

Fifteen Candles Ceremony

About an hour before the end of your celebration have the DJ announce the cake cutting, once all of your guests have gathered use this moment to perform the Fifteen Candles Ceremony. You choose fifteen people who have made an impact on your life and share a memory or why they are important to you. Have them come up and light one of the candles with you.

Cake Cutting

Once all the candles have been lit, sing Feliz Cumpleanos, blow out your candles and cut the cake!

The Last Dance

Choose a special song to use as your last dance and enjoy the last few moments of your Quinceanera with your family and friends!