We have put together a list of resources to help you
prepare for your Sweet 15 party.

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Quinceanera Toast Tips

At some point in your Quinceanera, whether it is at the ceremony or your reception, you will be expected to speak to your guests. The easiest way to start this nerve-racking task is by writing down what you'd like to say. Keep it short in length, about three to five minutes, and choose three to four points to cover. For example, you can welcome and thank everyone for coming, give special recognition to your parents, padrinos and honor court for working hard on this day and then close with a brief prayer.

Once you have outlined what you'll be saying, start practicing it now! The best place to practice your speech is in front of a mirror. Begin with reading the message over and over, to skimming note cards and then reciting it from memory. Even though you'll have it memorized remember not to rush and focus on the feelings you want to convey with this important speech. Once you feel confident with your delivery ask a friend or your mom to watch. They'll be able to give you honest feedback and it's great practice for the big day!

If you are extremely afraid of public speaking don't despair there are plenty of other options for you! If you are a performer you can sing or play your instrument as your speech. Or if you can't find the right words look for a poem or reading and let that speak to your guests for you. A tech savvy option is to record your speech and incorporate it into a video slide show to be played at your reception.

The day of your Quince has arrived! It's natural to be nervous especially since it's your first time publically speaking as a woman. Don't be anxious; remember these are your family and friends who have gathered to celebrate you! You have practiced for weeks, your message is simple and from the heart and your guests will love and appreciate the time you put into it. Shake out your nerves, rock your speech and then hit the dance floor!